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The Unusual Exotic Sounds Of The Zither

The zither is a string instrument that has been around for a long time, so long, in fact, that the earliest model of the zither has been found as far back as 433 BC. When looking at a picture of it, it seems fairly basic in design. Constructed out of wood, the zither has strings stretched across a bridge at each end, which allows the strings to vibrate freely. Many will have a fingerboard on the side to aid in putting pressure on the strings to create the desired notes. The strings can also be tuned by using the pegs to adjust the tension on the strings.

Though the zither has been around for such a long time, the basic design has not changed too much. Even today, the basic design still closely resembles zithers from earlier times. What has changed is the shape and the decoration on the zither. Some are more plain in appearance, while others have intricate and very decorative designs painted onto the body in order to make the instrument more unique.

Even with these decorative changes, the sound of the zither is still more or less the same. It does, however, make choosing a zither interesting because one will want to choose one that is unique to them. A musical instrument is an extension of the musician, so choosing a different instrument that is an expression of who they are, is something that serious musicians will take the time to think about.

It is hard to say whether the zither is an exceptionally popular instrument or not. It really depends on where in the world a person is from. In many of the eastern countries, for example, the zither is quite well known, while it may not be quite as popular in North America. Either way, anyone interested in learning how to play the zither will have little trouble in finding a zither to purchase. Finding a used one may not be as easy as finding a new one, though it is possible to find one if the time is taken to look through some large used music stores.

Zithers that are bought new will vary in price, but some can be fairly expensive. It is not an instrument that many schools will adopt, so people interested will most likely have to learn the instrument on their own time by finding a teacher and a decent instrument to play. It is not too difficult to learn how to play the instrument, though it can scare some people off because they are not sure of how one is to play the instrument. Once someone becomes used to the instrument, how to play it and how to read the music, learning how to play the instrument well comes easily. It will just take some practice, which is true with any instrument. It can be a fun instrument to play - one that could be great for young and old alike. It doesn't take someone who has previous experience in music and is perfect for someone looking to take up an instrument as a hobby.