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Motorbike Jackets - Textile Or Leather?

Looking around at today's online market it is clear that from the diverse range of motorbike jackets available choosing the most suitable one for your needs is not an easy task. However, with a few simple guidelines you can go some way to educate yourself and help make an informed decision.

The first consideration to get out of the way is, are you looking to use the motorbike jacket whilst out riding your motorbike or are you just looking for a fashion accessory? If you are seeking the latter then clearly you do not need to take into consideration any of the safety aspects and so feel free to opt for whatever jacket takes your fancy.

On the other hand if you are looking to safety for your number one priority over all else then always go for a cow hide leather jacket. They have been shown to provide the most effective protection in the case that you should be unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, giving that extra barrier between your body and the tarmac. The leather jacket is also a highly durable piece of clothing that will last a considerable number of years if it is properly taken care of and has a timeless fashionable look that other jackets simply cannot compete with.

Although leather jackets have the most convincing safety record they also have their downside. Often in the summer months they can be too hot and leave a rider feeling uncomfortable and sometimes restricted. The solution to this comes in the modern textile jackets that are popular at present among many riders. These jackets are far more versatile than leather and are breathable whilst still remaining waterproof, great for the summer months. Not only this but they will keep you warm during the winter months and many come with detachable thermal lining. Textile jackets also prove easier to clean than their leather counterparts and in many cases have strategically placed reflective strips to make the wearer increasingly visible to other road users.

So ultimately it is your choice, but for safety the author recommends a leather motorbike jacket, whilst for adaptability and all year round comfort then perhaps a textile jacket will suit you better. Take your time to look around before making a purchase and remember to keep these tips in mind the next time you are on the lookout for a motorbike jacket.